Manage connected tools

After setting up an Integration with a tool, you can connect one or more Streams to that tool.

Before connecting a tool to a Stream, an Integration with the tool must exist.

Connecting a Stream to a component in a tool offers the following features:

  • Requests post as tasks in the connected tool component and relevant fields are populated.
  • Changes made to Request fields are reflected in each connected tool component.
  • Conflicts in the Status, Due date, and Assignee fields due to changes made in tools are resolved in the private team channel for the Stream.
  • Thread replies on the Request messages are posted as comments on the tasks in connected tool components.
    This includes uploaded files and edits made to thread replies.

To connect a tool to a Stream, select
Manage connected tools from the overflow menu (
) in the Streams section of the app home.

Each Stream can have one connection to each integrated tool.
The point of connection for a Stream in a tool is referred to as an integration component.
e.g. Projects in Asana or Sheets in Smartsheet

Choose a tool from the menu in the modal to begin the setup process.