Team & notifications

To find the private team channel, click the 🔓Find team channel button at the top of the modal.

The private team channel can also be found by clicking the same button next to the overflow menu in the Streams section of the app home.

Single-member teams will not have a private Slack channel created until they gain a second member.

Instead of a private channel, notifications, approvals, and other functionality will be handled in the member's app home Messages tab.

Team members

To modify the members of the team, add or remove users from the multi select menu.

Team members are invited to join the private team channel and appear as the options in the Assignee field.

Team name

Modifications to the team name will change the name of the private team channel.

Modifying the channel's name directly has the same effect.

The team channel's new name will have a suffix appended if the chosen name is already taken by another channel.


Use the radio buttons to toggle notifications in the private team channel for Request changes.


Use the checkboxes to toggle team approvals on and off for non-team changes to the following fields:

  • Status

  • Assignee

  • Due date

Approvals are handled in the private team channel (or app home Messages tab for single-member Streams).

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