Create a Stream

In the Streams section of the app home, click the Create a Stream button.

Alternatively, you can run the /streamly command from the public channel you wish to use.

Only one Stream can be configured per public Slack channel.

Complete the following steps:

  1. Select (or if using /streamly, confirm) the public Slack channel where Requests will post.

  2. Pick your team members.

    Single-member teams will not have a private Slack channel created until they gain a second member.

    Instead of a private channel, notifications, approvals, and other functionality will be handled in the member's app home Messages tab.

  3. Enter a Subject prefix. This prefix and a five-digit, autoincrementing ID will be prepended to each Request Subject. (optional)

    - E.g., ABC00001_Request subject - The following special characters are not allowed: <, >, @, and #

  4. Pick a team name. This will be the name of the private channel created for multi-member teams. (optional)

New Streams will be created with the default request form. To create or modify fields, use the field library, to modify the request form, use the form builder.

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