Integration specification

The point of connection for a Stream in a tool is referred to as an integration component.
The integration component in Smartsheet is the Sheet.

Each Request submitted in a Stream that is connected to a Sheet creates a Row (a task) in that Sheet.

Field mapping

All Request fields receive their own column in each Sheet.

Sheet Columns corresponding to Request fields that have been removed in the form builder are moved far right of the Sheet and filled red.
If a field is removed using the form builder but not deleted from the field library, it can be re-added to the form without creating an additional Column in the Sheet.
Fields that are deleted from the library cannot be reassociated with their original column in the Sheet by recreating the field and adding it to the Request form.

Slack message deep linking

Each task (Row) that is created in a Sheet will be connected to the corresponding Request message in Slack via a deep link.

The deep link is a special URL that opens Slack and takes you directly to the message.
The relevant deep link is added as an Attachment on each task.