‚ÄčIntegration specification

The point of connection for a Stream in a tool is referred to as an integration component.

The integration component in Asana is the Project.

Each Request submitted in a Stream that is connected to an Asana Project creates a Task in that Project.

Request field mapping

Field name

Asana Task field

Complete (aka Status)



Description (bullet)





Due date

Due date

All other fields, including user-created fields, are added to the Asana Task Description as bullets.

Slack message deep linking

The deep link is a special URL that opens Slack and takes you directly to the message.

Depending on the pricing tier of your Asana organization, the deep linking mechanism varies:

  • In Asana Premium and above, a custom field is created and added to all connected Asana Projects and is populated on each Task with the relevant deep link.

  • In Asana Basic, the relevant deep link is available at the top of the Task description.