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Integration specification

The point of connection for a Stream in a tool is referred to as an integration component.
The integration component in Asana is the Project.

Each Request submitted in a Stream that is connected to an Asana Project creates a Task in that Project.

Request field mapping

Field name
Asana Task field
Complete (aka Status)
Description (bullet)
Due date
Due date

All other fields, including user-created fields, are added to the Asana Task Description as bullets.

Slack message deep linking

Each Task that is created in Asana will be connected to the corresponding Request message in Slack via a deep link.

The deep link is a special URL that opens Slack and takes you directly to the message.
Depending on the pricing tier of your Asana organization, the deep linking mechanism varies:
  • In Asana Premium and above, a custom field is created and added to all connected Asana Projects and is populated on each Task with the relevant deep link.
  • In Asana Basic, the relevant deep link is available at the top of the Task description.
Last modified 3yr ago