Modify a Request

The following fields can be modified after a Request has been submitted.

Field name

From channel

From app home

Complete (aka Status)


Due date

Changing a task's Status to Closed in Slack will stop conflict resolution messages from posting in the private team channel (or app home Messages tab for single-member Streams).

To modify a Request's Status from the message posted in the channel associated with the Stream it was submitted in, click the button on the message reading either:

  • Close

    for Open Requests

  • Re-open

    for Closed Requests

To modify a Request from the Requests section of the app home, find the Request and click the ⚙️Manage Request button.

  • The Status of the Request can be modifed by clicking the same button described above.

  • Other fields need to be selected from the menu at the bottom of the modal. The desired new value can be selected in the next modal.

Teams have the option to require approvals for changes to any of these fields by non-team members.

If an approval is set for a field, modifications may be rejected. The user seeking the field change will be notified if the change is:

  • Applied immediately

  • Awaiting approval

  • Approved

  • Rejected

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