What is a service user?

A user account with appropriate permissions that does not belong to a real person

A service user keeps your data secure and ensures smooth functionality.

There is probably no human user who needs access to every corner of a company's task management tool. Teams need private spaces to collaborate and triage, and permissioning is the solution to access management. This is why service users exist.

A service user is a user account configured by an administrator for purposes such as API access.

The only time the credentials of a service user should be used for login via the web browser is during configuration of an Integration.
Using a service user keeps real users from receiving irrelevant notifications and emails, and it ensures that access controls remain in place.
In the event that an employee leaves the company, having used a service user to connect a tool ensures continuity for any integrations.
Setting up Integrations while logged in as service user is the best way to avoid frustrating issues with the tools connected to your Streams.