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Stream settings

To modify the public Slack channel or delete a Stream, select
Stream settings from the overflow menu (
) in the Streams section of the app home.

Modify public channel

To move the Stream to a new public Slack channel, choose one from the menu under Change Slack channel.
Only one Stream can be configured per public Slack channel.

Subject prefix

Add, modify or remove an a Subject prefix and press 'enter' to apply your changes.
If provided, theSubject prefix and a five-digit, autoincrementing ID will be prepended to each Request Subject.
- E.g., ABC00001_Request subject - The following special characters are not allowed: <, >, @, and #
Use the Reset Request ID number button to set the autoincrementing ID back to zero for the Stream.
This button will only be visible if a prefix is in use and there has been at least one Request made in the Stream using the prefix.

Delete Stream

To delete the Stream entirely, click the
Delete button.
Deleting a Stream is a destructive action and while some functionality can be restored by recreating the Stream, certain tool connections are not recoverable.