To reach the channel settings for Props, click the Channels button in the Props settings modal.

If an app or workspace admin has implemented global and/or Props-level channel restrictions, the Channels button and settings will not be available.

New channels

The first panel in this modal defines how Proper behaves when new public channels are created. There are three options:

  • Auto-join

    Proper will join new public channels automatically as they are created.

  • Check before joining

    Proper will request permission to join new public channels as they are created.

  • Do not join

    Proper will ignore new public channels as they are created. This is the default setting.

Only app and workspace admins can modify this setting.

Invite to existing channels

The second panel in this modal contains a button that allows you to invite Proper to existing public channels. Clicking it will pull up another modal with two more buttons.

Proper must always be invited to private channels.

To manually invite Proper to any channel, including public channels, type /invite @Proper from that channel.

  • Use the first button to pull up a modal (shown below) where multiple existing public and/or private channels can be selected for Proper to join.

  • Use the second button to invite Proper to all existing public channels.

Only workspace and app admins can see the second button to invite Proper to all exisitng public channels.

Check channel membership

The third panel in the channel settings modal contains a select menu that allows you to check whether Proper has joined an existing public or private channel.

Selecting a channel will trigger a second modal allowing you to either invite or remove Proper from the selected channel.

If a private channel is selected, you will be prompted to take a manual action to add or remove Proper after checking membership.

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