General settings


  • Select whether votes should be identified or anonymous.

Depending on admin settings, anonymity may be optional or disabled.


  • Enter the question or topic for the poll on using up to 1,000 characters.


  • Select a public or private channel where the poll will be taken.

If an app or workspace admin has restricted the channels that Proper can join, only the approved public and/or private channels will be visible in the conversation select menu.

If a private channel is selected and Poper is not yet a member, the poll will be saved as a draft and you will be prompted to invite the app to join.

Once Proper has joined the private channel, the poll will be shared.


  • Select any additional users who should be owners of this poll.

Poll owners can modify and end polls.

Option settings

Custom or template options

  • Select whether to use options from a template or create custom options.

    Options from a template cannot be modified and users will not be able to add their own options.

This setting cannot be modified later.

Option types

  • If using custom options, select the types of options this poll should have.

    • Custom

      • Free text including emojis and URLs

    • Day of the week

    • Date

    • Channel

    • User

User-added options

  • If using custom options, check the box if users should be able to add their own options.


  • If using template options, choose the desired template from the list.

    • 1-to-5

    • 1-to-10

    • Agree/Disagree

    • NPS

    • Weekdays

If we are missing a great template, or your team is interested in custom templates, please let us know!

Maximum votes per user

  • Select the maximum number of options a user should be able to vote for.

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