Quick Start

Before you get started, make sure you have completed installation.

Navigate to the @Proper app home. To find it, search @Proper in the Jump to search bar.

  • Make sure you are on the Home tab.

Certain actions and events in @Proper can be configured to require Slack admin approval.

  • Changing the @Proper channel setting to auto Default: requires admin approval

  • Calling a vote for the next @Proper emoji Default: does not require admin approval

  • Accepting the result of a vote for the next @Proper emoji Default: does not require admin approval

Slack admins can adjust these settings by clicking the Modify button in the Admin Settings section of the Home tab.

In the Channel Setting section, choose between manual and auto.

  • Picking auto will add @Proper to all existing and new public channels.

  • Picking manual will add @Proper to selected public channels. Creating a new public channel will trigger an invitation prompt to add @Proper.

  • @Proper can be invited to public and private channels just like a regular user (type @Proper). @Proper must always be invited to private channels.

The [email protected] emoji is 👍. To change the emoji, your team must vote on the successor.

  • In the Emoji & Voting section, click Call a vote. This will send an app home message to the members of channels that @Proper has joined. Users vote for the next @Proper emoji by reacting to this message with their choice of emoji. Results will be shown and winners announced in the app home.

The charts in the Leaderboards section will populate as users react with the @Proper emoji in channels @Proper has joined.