Quick Start

After installing Proper, head to the App Home tab by clicking the button in the success message you just received, or by searching for @Proper as you would a user.


If you've just installed Proper and you're not a workspace admin, you will probably want to request app admin permissions.

Only app admins can configure approvals and certain features such as recognition.

To use Props, navigate to the correct section and start by choosing an appropriate emoji to say "thank you" in Slack, then react to a message with it.

To take a poll, head to the correct section and click the
New Poll button, then create your own options or use a template.

To give feeback to a colleague, head to the correct section and click the
Give Feedback button, then select a template for your thoughts.

To start an anonymous discussion, head to the correct section and click the
New Discussion button, then pick a channel and draft a post to get an honest response.

You can remove the reaction from the message to remove it from the Leaderboards.
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