Admin Settings

Settings available to control Discussions at a team level

Like all Proper features, Polls offer granular admin settings and approvals.

See this page for global admin settings.

From the admin setting modal for any feature, use the overflow menu at the top to navigate to another feature.

Any Proper major feature can be enabled or disabled using the checkbox in the second panel of its admin settings modal.


App or workspace admin approval can optionally be required for users to:

  • Start a new discussion

  • Post a reply to an ongoing discussion

If approval is required for a user action, the user is able to select which admin(s) will receive an approval request message.

  • Only one admin needs to approve or deny each request.

  • When an admin approves or denies a request, other admins and the requesting user will be notified.

Workspace admins and app admins do not need to seek approval for these actions.

User permissions

A list of users can be defined that can use discussions without needing to seek approval.

Workspace admins and app admins already have this capability.

Channel permissions

A list of up to 25 public channels can be defined where approval is not required to start a discussion.

If this setting is enabled, discussions in other channels will require approval regardless of the approval settings above.

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