Give Feedback

Unprompted feedback

To give feedback that is not in response to a request, search for 'feedback' in the Slack Shortcuts menu or navigate to the Feedback section of the App Home and click 📬Give Feedback.

Either of the above actions will trigger the first feedback modal where you will indicate:

  • The recipient of the your feedback

  • Your identification preference

    Anonymous - keep your identity hidden from the recipient

    Identified - show your identity to the recipient

  • Whether to deliver your feedback at 9am

    Local time for recipient

Depending on admin settings, anonymous and/or identified feedback may be allowed.

If only one identity preference is enabled, the option will not be shown as an input.

Upon submission, the second modal offers a choice of optional templates for your feedback.

  • Use the 📋Next button to scroll through templates.

  • The 📝Custom button will allow you to specify and subject and body from scratch.

Depending on admin settings, approval may be required required before your feedback is delivered to the recipient.

Requested feedback

To respond to a requst for feedback, click the 🔍Details button on the request message or in the Feedback section of the Proper App Home and then click the 📤Reply button.

  • Choose whether to deliver your feedback at 9am.

    Local time for recipient

  • Provide feedback in response to the request.

When responding to a request for feedback, you cannot remain anonymous.

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