Start a Discussion

Discussions can be started from the Slack Shortcuts menu by searching for 'discussion', or by navigating to the Discussions section of the App Home and clicking 💬New Discussion.

Either of the above actions will trigger the modal shown below where you can:

  • Select a public or private channel where the disucssion will be posted.

  • Enter a topic or question for the discussion.

Depending on admin settings, approval may be required before the discussion is started.

If an app or workspace admin has restricted the channels that Proper can join, only the approved public and/or private channels will be visible in the conversation select menu.

If a private channel is selected and Poper is not yet a member, the discussion will be saved as a draft and you will be prompted to invite the app to join.

Once Proper has joined the private channel, the discussion will be shared.

Your Discussion will be posted to the selected conversation and added to the Proper App Home.

As the OP, all messages you post will be from the 🐧 emoji.

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