Give Props

Props are emoji reactions that say "thank you" to helpful colleagues.

Props let you recognize you coworkers by reacting to Slack messages with a specific emoji.

There are two ways to give props:

  • Team member message

    React to a message that was posted by a helpful team member.

  • Your message

    Share a message recognizing one or more team members, and then react to it.

Each emoji reaction is captured, along with who gave it and who received it. The results are displayed in the leaderboards.

Only one Props emoji can be active at a time, but historical Props still count if the emoji changes.

Channel membership

Proper must be a member of a channel to track emoji rections. Learn more about channel membership management by reading about the channel settings.

Proper can only join public channels on its own. The app must be invited to private channels and cannot join other types of conversations.

Team member message

Props can be given directly by reacting to a helpful message from the user you wish to recognize with the Proper emoji.

Your message

If you want to recognize more than one user at once and/or provide additional context, Props can be given indirectly. This means that Proper will share a message that you draft, and emoji reactions on this message will count as Props for the user(s) that you have selected.

In the Proper App Home, navigate to the Props section and click the Give Props button to trigger the modal below.

If an app or workspace admin has implemented global and/or Props-level channel restrictions, only the approved public and/or private channels will be visible in the conversation select menu.

Upon submission of the form, a message will be posted to the selected conversation.

Emoji reactions added to this message will give the selected user(s) Props.

Proper can't act on your behalf, so don't forget to react to the message yourself.

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