Admin Settings

Workspace admins have access to admin settings by default, but standard users can be granted permission to act as app admins.

App and workspace admins can manage settings and features in Proper that normal users cannot.

Workspace admins and existing app admins can add new app admins from the Admin Settings modal.

Granting a user app admin permissions does not make the user a workspace admin.

To access the Admin Settings modal, click the 🔐Admin Settings button in the App Settings modal.

Users that are not app or workspace admins can request app admin permissions by clicking the Request admin permissions button in the App Settings modal.

Global admin settings

To grant a user app admin access, add their name to the list at the top of the Admin Settings modal.

Adding or removing app admins will notify affected users about the permission change.

The next two settings impact access to all features and billable users.

Channel restrictions

Optionally select a limited list of public and/or private channels that Proper can join.

This setting is enabled if at least one channel is present in the list.

If this setting is enabled, Proper will not monitor or attempt to join any channels not in the list, regardless of other settings.

Only the selected channel(s) will be available in menus throughout the app and in feature-specific admin settings.

Only users who are members of the selcted channel(s) will be included in your bill.

User exclusions

In the next input in the Admin Settings modal, optionally select any users who should not have access to Proper.

These users will be excluded from your bill.

Guest and bot users are automatically excluded.

If no global channel restrictions and/or user exclusions are in place, all eligible users will be included in your bill.

Feature-specific admin settings

Feature-specific admin settings can be reached using the buttons below the global admin settings.

Enable or disable features

Each major Proper feature can be independently enabled or disabled using the checkbox in the second panel of its admin settings modal.

All features are enabled by default.

Only enabled features will be included in your bill.

Admin settings by feature

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