BCC Messages

Messages with one or more recipient that are sent immediately

BCC messages allow you to send the same message immediately to any number of conversations.

Conversations include:

  • Direct messages with other users

  • Multi-person direct messages (group messages)

  • Private channels

  • Public channels

To send a BCC message:

  • Head to the Nightowl app home – make sure you are on the Home tab.

  • You can also start a BCC message from the global shortcuts menu.

  • Enter one or more conversations to BCC.

    When more than one conversation is selected, semicolons will be used as delimiters to display the recipients after the message is created.

    E.g. a message to separately selected DM recipients @Jack, @Jill, and @Jen will show asBCC: @Jack; @Jill; @Jen whereas selecting a group DM between you, @Jack, and @Jill in addition to a separately selected DM with @Jen will appear as BCC: @Jack, @Jill; @Jen.

  • Compose your message.

  • Optionally enable the insertion of recipient mentions.

    The variable {@} will be replaced with a user tag in IMs and @here in other conversations.

  • Select whether or not to show the recipient(s) that this message is from Nightowl.

    Default selection can be modified in App Settings

  • Select whether or not to show previews of linked content in messages containing URLs.

    Default selection can be modified in App Settings

  • Click Send to deliver it immediately to each conversation.

All Nightowl messages are sent from your user.

Recipients will not be able to tell that you did not send the message.

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