Quick Start

Before you get started, make sure you have completed installation.

  • Navigate to the @Nightowl app home. To find it, search @Nightowl in the Jump to search bar.

    • Make sure you are on the Home tab.

  • Head to the BCC Message section and select your recipients.

    • Compose your message and click send to deliver immediately.

  • Go to the Scheduled messages section and click New.

    • Enter any recipients to BCC

    • Set the delivery date and time

    • Compose your message and click send

  • You can view, edit, and cancel the scheduled message once it has been created using the overflow () menu. Other options include:

  • Sending the message now rather than at the scheduled time

  • Making the message recurring

  • Saving the message as a draft

  • Creating a recipient group from the BCC field

  • You can do the same in every section to set up :

    • Recurring messages

    • Draft messages

    • Recipient groups

Every message you send will be sent by you, not @Nightowl.