Increase Maximum Recipients

How to raise the concurrent recipient limit beyond the free tier maximum of 25

Add a payment method to your subscription

If you already established a subscription by adding a payment method, you can skip this step.
If your organization has more than two users, you would have been prompted to add a payment method. Similarly, if you are able to add more than the free tier maximum of 25 recipients, you have already added a payment method.
To check whether or not you have supplied a payment method, click About Nightowl in the app home, then click
Manage billing.
If you see buttons for
Manage payment and
Manage receipt delivery, you already have a payment method on file for your subscription.

First, check whether you have a payment method on file by following the steps above.

If not, you'll need to add one before you can increase the maximum concurrent recipients limit. This step simply establishes a payment method for your account.
Your first two Nightowl users are always free: there is no monthly fee for these users, even if you add a credit card.
  • Click About Nightowl in the app home, then click
    Manage billing in the modal.
  • In the subsequent modal, click
    Upgrade to reach the Stripe checkout page where you will need to add a credit card for your account.

Increase maximum concurrent recipients

Open a new BCC message and click
View pricing as shown in the screenshot below.
You will see another modal, which shows pricing and allows you to select a new maximum recipient limit. Please select your desired tier, then proceed with the prompts to update your subscription.

Once you've confirmed the change, your subscription will be instantly updated and the change will be reflected in your future invoices.

Prices shown in the image are subject to change.
Still have questions? Feel free to reach out through Slack Support chat or email.