Admin Settings

Manage access and permissions

Workspace admins have access to admin settings by default, but standard users can be granted permission to act as app admins.

Workspace and app admins can manage admin settings and features in Nightowl that standard users cannot.

Workspace admins and existing app admins can add new app admins from the Admin Settings modal.

Granting a user app admin permissions does not make the user a workspace admin.

To access the Admin Settings modal, click the 🔐Admin Settings button in the App Settings modal.

Users that are not app or workspace admins can request app admin permissions by clicking the Request admin permissions button in the App Settings modal.

To grant a user app admin access, add their name to the list at the top of the Admin Settings modal.

Adding or removing app admins will notify affected users about the permission change.

Workspace and app admins can require approval for access to the standard features of Nightowl.

To enable access control, check the following box in the Admin Settings modal.

  • Once this setting is enabled, a field will be exposed where users can be selected to enable their access to the standard features of Nightowl.

    Any existing nightowl users will be added to the field by default upon enabling the setting.

  • Adding users to the list will invite them to use Nightowl.

    Users will only be added to the billing count upon successfully installing the app after being invited.

  • Removing users from this list will revoke their access to Nightowl.

    Users will be notified of this change and will be removed from the billing count.

When access control is enabled, new installs by users not granted access in the list will not impact the billing count.

Unapproved users will be unable to use Nightowl without seeking approval from an app or workspace admin.

  • These users will be prompted to seek approval upon install and afterward if attempting to use the app prior to approval.

If approval is required for a user action, the user is able to select which admins should receive an approval request message.

  • Only one admin needs to approve or deny each request.

  • When an admin approves or denies a request, the other admins who received the request and the requesting user will be notified.

Workspace and app admins can disable one or more Nightowl features.

To disable a feature, uncheck the corresponding box.

Unchecking a box disables that feature and all users will lose access to it in the Nightowl App Home.

If a user has existing scheduled or recurring messages when the relevant feature is disabled, those messages will remain in flight.

The user will need temporary access to the relevant feature to delete the messages.

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