Joining Behavior

Channitor can be configured to join new public channels by default, or require approval.

  • New channel setting
    Change the behavior of Channitor towards newly created channels. Options available:
    • Auto Join every new channel automatically.
    • Manual Ask in the newly created channel whether it should join. Waits for team member to respond.

The number of zero-activity days before a channel expires and archiving is prompted can also be modified.

  • Expiration threshold
    The number of days a channel can go without activity before Channitor starts sending reminders
    • The setting in the Joining Behavior section only applies to channels joined in the future.
    • Use the select menu at the top of the Watched Channels section to adjust settings for specific channels.

Specific channels can be joined in bulk using the section menu in this section. Options to join all channels and remove Channitor from all channels are also available.

Channels:Users (C/U) Ratio

This is the number of public channels divided by the number of users across your workspace. It's a good measure of how fragmented your information is in Slack. The sweet spot varies for every team, but 3-5 is a good place to be.
All public channels are included in the C/U ratio calculation, regardless of whether Channitor has joined them or not.