Slack-native support means you can chat with our support team from the app home.

Like other apps from Happybara, support is offered natively in Slack.

To submit a support ticket:

  • Click the
    Help button at the top of the app home to pull up the Help modal.
  • Click the
    Get support button to begin filling out a support ticket.
Get supportbutton appears in other areas of the app when relevant. It always starts the support ticket submission process.
  • Provide as much detail as possible about your question or the issue you encountered.
  • Click the
    Submit button to open your ticket.

Once you submit your ticket:

  • You will recieve the ticket as a message in the app home Messages tab.
  • If you want to supply any additional information, you can post messages in the thread on this message.
  • To minimize Channitor's access to your workspace's data, you will need to provide any attachments (like screenshots) via email to [email protected] along with your Ticket ID.
  • Our support team's messages will appear as replies in this thread and you will recieve notifications.
  • Once your question has been answered or the issue has been resolved, please close the ticket by clicking the
    Close button on the support ticket message.
    Tickets can be reopened after being closed by clicking the Reopen button.
Help Modal
Support Modal